Brian Weatherly

“I’ve never had Chiropractic Care before, but since I’ve had it personally, all I can say is “What took me so long to have this treatment?”

Loretta Gerginski

“If it wasn’t for Chiropractic I would be in a wheel chair” “I started Chiropractic care at age 20
I am now 76. Chiropractic keeps me bowling.”

Linda Fascitelli

“Dr. Cloud is very friendly and gentle.”

Janis Williams

“Friendly service-concern for patients’ health-very real-not obligated- and I obtained the treatment I needed.”

Linda Kessler

“Dr Cloud is very competent and is thoroughly knowledgeable regarding his profession.”

Robert Illingworth

“Dr Cloud always hears me…the doctor always has time to listen.”

Mike Mellick

“The Service and People are excellent…they make me feel really comfortable” Ben Hartley “Dr Cloud is the BEST!”

Beverly Thomson

“I have been going to Dr. Cloud since 1990. I had neck and back pain but since I have been getting adjustments from Dr. Cloud and Dr. Weiss I feel GREAT! I feel like a family member every time I go. I beleive chiropractic care helps not only with aches and pains but with overall health.”

We look forward to helping you with your Chiropractic needs.