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Shape Reclaimed


Food is medicine. This program shines a spotlight on negative eating habits that contribute to common health challenges.

Shape Reclaimed™ includes:

Initial consult and evaluation for SHAPE RECLAIMED™
Follow-Up monitoring Appointment including urine evaluation
Customizing the program based on your progress, symptoms and laboratory results.
Lifestyle modification and Health Restoration Program
Healthy anti-inflammatory nutritional plan
SHAPE ReClaimed™ formula Patient guidebook
Facebook Official SHAPE ReClaimed™ Support Group access
Regular monitoring which is important for your long-term success
Safe, affordable and sustainable lifestyle that supports healthy weight


General Shape Protocol Questions
Menstrual/Hormonal Questions
Personal Hygiene Product Questions
Shape Diet Specific Question

Before you call your doctor to inquire why you are not losing weight as
expected, ask yourself the following questions:

Are you writing down what you eat to be certain you are not eating too much? This keeps you accountable.
Are you posting motivational reminders around the house to spur you to success? This helps many.
Are you weighing daily? It is important to weigh every morning.
Are you becoming greedy? There will be days you don’t drop pounds so don’t panic. Before you complain about your weight loss slowing down, recognize how much you have lost and allow your body to adjust.
How’s your hunger? If you are starving, your doctor needs to run a urine test to determine whether you should increase your caloric intake or increase your drops. Do not take it upon yourself to choose.
How’s your energy level? Some will notice lethargy during the first few days. Don’t panic. That will subside.
Are you exercising too aggressively? It is recommended you keep exercise to a minimum during the RCD. We highly recommend One Minute Workout by EdE.
Are you drinking enough liquids? This will help with satiety.
Are you taking the time to plan ahead? It is best to prepare foods ahead and keep refrigerated so you don’t find yourself grabbing whatever is edible when you are hungry.
Are you making a shopping list and sticking to that list? Whatever you do, don’t go to the grocery store hungry. This is a sure recipe for failure.
Do you believe daily stress is to blame for your lack of success? We can all blame stress for our life’s struggles. You need to be certain you take time to prepare your food ahead so life’s stress doesn’t’t derail your success.


Do I have to stick to the full 23 days for the program to be successful?
herefore, it is most important to adhere to the full protocol through both Phases I & II. Historically, healing cycles are one day, three day, seven day, 21 days and finally six months. i.e: The 24 hour virus, the three day cold, the seven day infection. This is why antibiotics are given three to ten days. 21 days is the perfect cycle. The body should clear most everything in 21 days, hence the 21 days on restricted calories.

What if I lose the number of pounds I set out to lose before the 23 days? Do I still need to complete 23 days?
Yes complete the minimum of 23 days then move into Phase II and follow that protocol precisely (no sugar/no starch) to reset the hypothalamus/metabolism. Once the body sheds its yellow fat, the weight loss should subside. If you reached your desired weight loss before the end of the protocol, simply increase your calories. However, continue eating the same anti-inflammatory food and taking the drops until the end of 23 days. Once you complete the minimum 23 days, shift to Phase II for the next three weeks.

After I complete Phase II, can I immediately do another round of SHAPE?
We do not recommend immediately jumping back into Phase I without the guidance of your physician. Because most lose weight rapidly during this program, it is best you give your body time to adjust/lock in your new weight loss. The last thing you want to happen is to yo-yo. Be patient. Take the time to settle into your Future Healthy Lifestyle. This is where you reintroduce starch and sugar. We recommend you take this slowly and pay close attention to how you feel. If you start to gain weight, look back at what foods were eaten. Some find they simply do not process certain food types. Let’s take bread as our example. We have heard that many can eat bread, but if they consume it daily or several times a day, they start to pack on the weight. For others, it may be excess dairy and then for some, sugar is the culprit. If you need to shed more weight, your success will be long term if you follow the recommended protocol. We recommend giving a full six weeks between rounds and the restricted calorie intake. By jumping too quickly into the next round, you may be sending a message to the brain that the body is starving and the hypothalamus will initiate the production of fat cells to protect against starvation. This is a biological chess match that must be respected.

What happens to the metabolism of someone who quits the diet early?
Simply put: It is in Phase II that the hypothalamus gets re calibrated. Quitting early (meaning: quitting before three weeks of Phase II is completed) defeats the purpose of this weight loss program. We have a serious discussion with our patients before starting the program to determine their level of commitment.

Certainly there is no harm done to the metabolism if they quit early but they will most likely gain back any weight lost if they do not follow the protocol through Phase I and Phase II.

What will happen if I skip a dose or two of drops?
Don’t panic. You haven’t totally lost ground. There should be ample stores of amino acids in your system to carry you through. Simply get back on track. It is not necessary nor should you double up on the drops to catch up.

However, if you travel and forget to pack your drops, this will definitely stall your progress. If it is early in the program, most likely there won’t be enough amino acid reserves in the body to fall back on. However, if you’re well into the program and miss a day or two, try to maintain the restricted diet as best you can and start back on the drops ASAP.

If you read the patient guidebook, you will remember when you complete Phase I, you maintain the restricted calorie diet for another two to three days without taking SHAPE. At this time, the amino acid reserves are beginning to work themselves out of your system but still enough that you should be capable of sustaining the restricted calorie diet. This same premise would apply should you forget to pack your drops. The amino acid reserve should sustain you for a couple days but get back on them ASAP.

Is there a set BMI perimeter to follow to determine whether or not I can go on SHAPE?
We do not measure with BMI perimeters to determine whether or not to use SHAPE. We keep it very simple. We do not recommend using SHAPE or any glyco-protein complex approach for weight loss if the patient only has 5 to 10 pounds to lose. They simply do not have enough yellow fat to warrant using this approach.

If I am overweight but lean toward being more muscular, how will this affect my weight loss? Will I lose muscle?
It is important you take measurements before you begin the SHAPE program. It is our experience muscle body types lose at a slower rate, but lose nonetheless. Their muscle to fat ratio is higher (BMI). Remember, muscle weighs more than fat. Don’t get frustrated. Though your weight loss may not be reflected on the scale in pounds, you will be losing inches, thereby reshaping your body. The glyco-protein complex breaks down yellow fat….not structural or protective. Muscles are spared. It is wise for the muscle body type patient to pay close attention to inches lost first and foremost and pounds second.

If I cheat during Phase I, does it mess up resetting my metabolism?
Cheating diminishes the effectiveness of the program. DON’T CHEAT. Remember it is within Phase II that the hypothalamus/metabolism is reset. If you cheat in Phase I, most likely you’ll cheat in Phase II and there is no guarantee you will achieve maximum results.

I’ve heard pure hCG formulas are more effective. Because SHAPE does not contain hCG, will that render the program less effective? Does adding additional homeopathic’s to the formula hinder the success of the program?
To the contrary! SHAPE is formulated out of 30 years of experience using homeopathy as bioregulatory medicine. It is the additional homeopathic support that makes SHAPE unique and more effective. Originally our SHAPE included hCG in its formula. Because the FDA is working toward shutting down the manufacturing of homeopathic hCG, we reformulated using a glyco-protein complex and have found it to out perform our original formulation. You can trust your physician has chosen a superior product and has studied and understands the reasoning behind SHAPE’s specific formulation.

I have a history of hypothyroidism. How can I be sure I won’t gain the weight back?
If your physician has prescribed thyroid medication or any form of supplemental support for your thyroid, you should continue during your SHAPE program.

It is imperative you follow the program as laid out in the patient guidebook. If you were successful losing weight during Phase I, strictly avoided sugar and starch in Phase II and slowly reintroduced sugar and starch in the final Healthy Lifestyle Future you should maintain your weight loss. Remember, some simply do not handle excess carbs and will gain weight. You must find that acceptable set point for how much you can eat without gaining. SHAPE was formulated with additional backdoor homeopathic support for the thyroid.

We highly recommend you go back and reread your patient guidebook (specifically pages 14-18, & 32-39. If you are choosing foods that God put on this earth and not eating in excess, you should maintain your loss.

If not, your physician needs to dig deeper to determine what underlying weakness exists and begin a treatment protocol that would correct this condition. Remember, by resetting the hypothalamus, there can be a positive effect on the entire endocrine system, including the function of the thyroid.

Would it be fine to take Advil if I get a headache?
Absolutely. No need to worry about taking an over-the-counter medication to alleviate a headache.

I had gastric bypass surgery years ago but have gained some weight back. Would SHAPE be a safer approach to losing weight?
Yes, however, you must work with an experienced practitioner who is well versed is using SHAPE for weight loss. Failed gastric bypass should signal a need for a more comprehensive evaluation as to why you have, once again, gained excess weight.

Can I continue taking my vitamins during SHAPE?
If you will refer back to page 10 in your Patient Guidebook, it is important to note all fish and flax oil should be limited to 2-3 grams daily. Discuss your vitamins with your physician and together you will decide if it is best to continue. We do not believe it is harmful to stop for a few weeks, nor do we believe it is harmful to continue.

Is it absolutely necessary for the patient to reach some level of ketosis?
Although we typically see ketosis occurring in the urine during weight loss, we have seen a number of patients not go into ketosis and still lose weight. This is somewhat rare. However, if the patient is not losing weight and is not in ketosis, they are most definitely doing something that is blocking the weight loss. Most likely they are consuming too many calories or using some topical that is causing them not to be in ketosis.

i.e: We’ve had patients follow the diet rigidly but believed drinking diet soda was acceptable. When we tested their urine, they were not in ketosis. They believed the artificial sweetener was “sugar free, only one calorie.” It may only be one calorie but we believe it is the most toxic calorie you can consume. The pancreas is “confused” by artificial sweeteners.


Will taking SHAPE interfere with the effectiveness of the birth control pill?
No. SHAPE does not contain homeopathic hCG.

Will SHAPE alter my hormone replacement therapy?
No. However, by resetting the hypothalamus, we have seen a positive effect on the entire endocrine system. The influence is greater on the pre or peri-menopausal female.

Will I experience heavier than normal bleeding when I am taking SHAPE?
We have seen changes in the menstral flow because estrogen is stored in fat (some authors believe estrogen causes fat storage). When this fat/estrogen is broken down and released, it can have an effect on the menstral cycle. This begs the question: if I’ve had estrogen receptor positive breast cancer, does this become dangerous? It is our belief that excess fat, with its tendency toward increasing inflammation and suppressing the immune system, is a greater trigger for cancer of any type. Patients who have had a history of estrogen receptor positive cancers might consider taking a supplement that helps metabolize estrogen properly or that supports the liver in its duty of eliminating toxic levels of hormones. Milk thistle, indol-3- carbonol (I3C) or diendolmethyine (DIM) help the body metabolize and eliminate toxic levels of hormones. I3C and DIM are extracts of cruciferous vegetables and should be eaten on a regular basis in your daily diet.

Why would I experience break-through bleeding when I am taking SHAPE?
Refer to the reasoning above. The same principle applies. This doesn’t mean you will continue experiencing break-through bleeding with all your cycles and this doesn’t mean every menstruating female will experience break-through bleeding.


I am so overwhelmed by the recommendations I read on the internet about using personal hygiene products. What is safe? What should I avoid? How detrimental will it be if I continue using my typical products?
Most likely, if you are reading the internet, you are questioning the use of every hygiene item known to man. Don’t get all hung up on what you read. We can honestly say after treating thousands of patients, the only thing that seems to interfere and cause less success is using oil based lotion and foundation.

It has been our experience that using our regular shampoo, body soap, deodorant, hairspray and toothpaste did not cause the program to fail. However, we have known patients who used suntan lotion/oil and their weight loss stalled.

Neutragena, Oil of Olay and Clinique all have an oil-free moisturizer and yes good ole baby oil (mineral oil with fragrance) is fine.

Why is mineral oil/baby oil acceptable and other oils not?
It is our educated guess, the mineral content of the oil binds the negative aspect, whereas petroleum based oil is released into the system as fat. This is speculation only.

Can I continue using the same cosmetics?
It is difficult to answer this question. If your foundation is oil-based, it would be best to stop while you are taking the drops. It is only for three weeks. Pressed powder works great. Lipstick and mascara are both acceptable. Again, unless the cosmetic is oil-based, it should be fine to continue using your make-up. There are many companies who carry oil free cosmetics.

I am African-American and use oil on my hair. My hair is unruly if I don’t use it. What should I do?
While you are taking the drops, it would be best if you not use your typical oil but switch to baby oil as your replacement.

I like to get regular massages. Should I discontinue while I am taking SHAPE?
If your massage therapist is using something other than an oil based product, it should be fine to continue.


Why are the two glutton days necessary? Will the program be as effective if I skip the glutton days?
It is our experience, after working with a ton of patients, that they are not as successful if they do not start the program with the two glutton days. By setting up the body with extra fat intake, along with taking SHAPE, you are essentially priming the pump. The glyco-protein starts breaking down the excess fat intake those two days and when you slam the door on your overall high fat intake, it then begins to seek out and break down stored yellow fat aggressively.

What equates gluttonous eating? Is this the same as gorging?
It is recommended you eat foods that are higher in fat but this does not mean you should eat all junk food and make yourself sick. Eating eggs, bacon, avocado, steak, butter, ice cream, cheese, loaded baked potato, fried chicken, fettuccini, etc. are all higher fat choices for your glutton days.

Some have suggested we not refer to the gorging days as gluttony because the Bible calls gluttony a sin. Call it overeating, pigging out, gorging or gluttony….most everyone is overweight because we engaged in whatever word you call eating more than the body needs for daily sustenance, repair or energy. The fact remains, we’ve all eaten like gluttons to get us where we are in the first place so don’t worry about this program causing you to act sinful. If anything, this program will open your eyes to how gluttonous you’ve been over the years and lead you into a Healthier Future Lifestyle.

All of the following questions require the same response:
Why has my energy level decreased?
Why am I feeling hungrier the longer I’m on the program?
Why am I feeling a bit shaky?
Why has the weight loss stalled?
Make an appointment with your prescribing physician. Each of the above situations requires a urine analysis to determine the cause. Your physician is trained to diagnosis and will make the necessary adjustments to your diet to overcome these issues.

The patient guidebook states eat one specific protein and one specific vegetable per meal, but I’ve read otherwise on the internet. Can I mix and still lose weight?
Through trial and error with thousands of patients, we see much greater success when patients adhere to eating a single protein and single vegetable per meal.

With that being said, adding in a little onion, celery or diced tomatoes doesn’t seem to decrease the success of the program.

I’m a strict vegetarian yet want to try this program. What are my protein options?
While your options are limited, many vegetarians have been successful using the SHAPE program. Eggs, cottage cheese, plain yogurt, and tofu have all been used successfully by others. Stay within the 100 grams per serving. Many vegetarians burn out with so few protein choices and bend a bit by incorporating fish and chicken. Interestingly, many then discover they truly feel better eating more protein. Choosing organic sources may ease your concerns.

The patient guidebook says chicken broth is acceptable. How much is too much?
Adding chicken broth to any recipe is acceptable. Read the ingredient list to be sure there is no added sugar in the broth. No need to worry about the amount. We’ve never known anyone to overdose on chicken broth.

With that being said, chicken soup is the all time comfort food when we are under-the-weather. Chicken broth, cooked chicken, onions, celery and spices make for a wonderful soup.

Is it acceptable to eat my two meals throughout the day, better spoken grazing throughout the day? Skipping breakfast is not an option for me!
Absolutely. Some folks like to eat tiny amounts throughout the day, while others prefer to sit down and eat more of a complete meal. Both are acceptable. Our biggest concern is that you eat the minimum required during the restricted calorie phase of the diet. Most importantly, don’t ever combine the two meals into one. Some eat a fruit and egg for breakfast and spread the remaining calories through-out the day.

Can I use hot sauce, mustard, and horseradish as a condiment?
Absolutely. Be sure to read the label to make certain there is no added sugars (that would also include artificial sweeteners.)

I have no appetite when I am taking the drops. Why do I need to eat the restricted calories if I am not hungry? If the premise of SHAPE is breaking down yellow fat and purging it into the system as usable calories is accurate, I don’t understand why I am forced to eat when I am not hungry.
Simply put, you must continue to consume some calories in the form of food. Seeing, smelling and chewing food initiates vital digestive processes in the body. These processes are essential to life. Enzyme production, stomach function, liver, gallbladder and pancreas activities all require the intake of food. Peristaltic action (the movement of food through the intestines) cannot occur without food. Most importantly, you don’t want to send a message to the brain (hypothalamus) that it is starving. It is the combination of the restricted calorie consumption and the fat breakdown that satisfies the brains hunger center.

Is it important that I measure my vegetables to be sure I don’t eat more than two cups? Should I measure before or after cooking?
We suggest you measure your veggies before cooking for the most part. Spinach would be the exception. Two cups of raw spinach cooks down to a few bits. If there is any room for flexibility, it would be with veggies. Most don’t overdose on eating veggies and we’ve never been rigid with this measurement. If you are eating way more than two cups and are not losing weight consistently, then you would need to be stricter with measuring.

Can I use hot sauce, mustard, and horseradish as a condiment?
Absolutely. Be sure to read the label to make certain there is no added sugars (that would also include artificial sweeteners.)

I understand that I am to avoid sugar during Phase I and II and I have always heard that Splenda and NutraSweet are “sugar-free.” The Patient Guidebook does not list Splenda or NutraSweet but does recommend Stevia. If they are all sugar substitutes, why is Stevia acceptable and the other two not?
Please go to, click on Healthy Tips and read Sugar Sham. It is our sternest opinion that artificial sweeteners be avoided like the plague. They are two of the greatest neurotoxins consumed today. This article answers all questions concerning the safety of the three sweeteners mentioned above. Sweetleaf Stevia is the purest. Truvia and Purevia both add maltodextrine….another form of sugar. Once again, stick with Sweetleaf Stevia.

Whatever you do, never drink diet soda. It is one of the most toxic beverages to consume.

I know that coffee and tea are both acceptable on this diet but I’ve always heard too much caffeine is not good for you?
Some are of the belief coffee is not harmful to one’s health. This debate will go on until the end of
time. While some can drink four pots of coffee a day and not be affected, others can’t drink a single cup without their heart racing, their bowels being affected, their breasts becoming cystic or their sleep being disturbed. We believe moderation is the key. You know your body best.

The chemical process that coffee goes through to become decaffeinated is typically more harmful
than drinking the caffeine, however, water decaffeinated coffee tends to be less toxic.

Can I use bottled lemon juice?
We always believe fresh is best.

There is no mention about drinking alcohol on this diet. Are there any negative side effects
if I do?
During Phase I, alcohol is simply not allowed. It has been our experience that patients consuming
any type of alcohol during Phase I are not successful in the program. Beer gut got its name for
very good reasons.

During Phase II, very limited amounts of alcohol don’t seem to nullify resetting the hypothalamus.
Hard liquor is never a good idea as its effect on the liver is so damaging. Remember: moderation in all things is best.